100+ Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas & Designs {2018}

There is no denying of the fact that couple tattoos are as much popular as simple tattoos for men and women. Most couple prefers to have matching tattoos while few others look for unique tattoo designs. You will find many couples with wedding ring tattoo designs on their fingers but this is not actually an ideal couple tattoo. Here we bring you 100 plus most beautiful couple tattoo designs and ideas for lovers –

Matching Couple Tattoos

1. The anchor is a popular tattoo design but interestingly this tattoo design has its own popularity among couples. Its meaning varies from stability in relationship to utmost commitment.
anchor couple tattoos

2. If you are not a boring couple then I bet you will love this skull couple tattoo idea. Even though you can opt for large skulls but skulls of this size would be much better.
funny couple tattoos

3. Many might not understand what is this? It is actually pulse rate tattoo that is made up in form of heart suggesting that your significant other is your heartbeat.
matching couple love tattoos

4. People often take interesting wedding vows. How about you ink a saying about each other on your body?
best couple tattoos

5. Arrow tattoo design will look boring if not done in right manner. The placement of the arrow tattoo shown in below picture is wrong but the design and angle of arrow tattoo is perfect.
arrow couple tattoos

6. We have a separate photo gallery of King and Queen Tattoos (and also Chess tattoos). Here is one King and queen tattoo design that we thought to be perfect for couples.
sweet couple tattoos

7. You cannot even imagine that how many couple tattoo fails. This is because most couples choose wrong tattoo design that does not match and sometimes does not suit skin either.
couple tattoos ideas designs

8. There are lot of romantic quotes available online for couples. You can pick one of your favourite romantic quotes and dedicate it as a tattoo for your partner.
couple quote tattoos

9. Matching tattoo design among couples is popular but predictable. If you opt for a matching tattoo design than keep it as weird and simple as this.
pics of couple tattoos

10. All boys are video game lovers. Lucky are those who get a gamer wife or lover too. If you are one among them then here is a meaningful couple tattoo for you.
couple tattoos ideas gallery

Cute Couple Tattoos

11. I will say it again that placement matters. This skull tattoo design on hand would have looked more beautiful on this couple if it was aligned perfectly. Still I will give this tattoo 4 star out of 5.
couple tattoos images

12. I don’t know why couple choose foot for matching tattoos. Surely it will be more visible but it will not be closer to heart.
couple tattoos symbols

13. A romantic couple tattoo idea would be to ink the poster of each other’s favourite romance film on yourself.
married couple tattoos

14. What would be better than the evergreen couple of Sun and Moon? Khal Drogo called Khaleesi his sun and moon. This quote from ‘Game of thrones’ popularized Sun and moon tattoo among couples.
couple finger tattoos

15. I did not liked the detailing of this couple tattoo but it gives a brilliant idea that you too can have a similar tattoo/
images of couple tattoos

16. This ‘Fingers Crossed’ tattoo design is looking beautiful due to its perfect placement on rib cage by this intelligent couple.
couple tattoos on rib

17. Here is another romantic quote tattoo for couples. Not only you can read this quote you can show it to others too with ease.
couple tattoos sayings

18. Wrist is the most popular place among couples to get matching tattoos.
coolest couple tattoos

19. Most boys and girls do not like to have tattoo on palm of the hand but you can give it a unique try.
couple crown tattoos

20. I do not understand the exact meaning of this beautiful matching couple tattoo but I think they want to say ‘You are My World’ to each other.
cute couple tattoos

Couple Tattoos Ideas

21. You do not need to have large size tattoos to show your love to each other. Here is a tiny and small heart tattoo design on wrist.
heart couple tattoos

22. Shoulder is perfect part for couples who are fitness lovers and have appreciable physique.
cool couple tattoos

23. If you are into same $ex relationship than you can have tattoos that not only you’re your love to each other but also the beauty of your relationship to the world.
flower couple tattoos

24. This is a mix up of anchor and arrow tattoo designs with some geometrical shapes. I would suggest it only if you want to try something unique and weird.
geometric couple tattoos

25. This couple tattoo design looks inspired from three movies – The Dark knight, The The Nightmare before Christmas and Zombieland.
skeleton couple tattoos

26. An interesting tattoo idea would be to have arrow and heart tattoo design just like this.
awesome couple tattoos

27. Even if you are having matching tattoo design still you can play around with the style of the tattoo. You can have a different colored tattoo that match with your partner in design but not in color.
couple infinity tattoos

28. Each love story has a beginning and what would be more beautiful if you ink the time and date (when your love story began) on your body.
couple initials tattoos

29. This King and Queen Tattoo design looks majestic only because of the right size and quality of the font used. I would recommend this couple tattoo.
couple tattoos king and queen

30. Couples also love finger tattoos specially wedding ring tattoos on fingers. Here is a King and Queen Crown tattoo in small size on fingers.
nice couple tattoos

Small Couple Tattoos

31. Girls like flower tattoos and if you want to give her preference than you can have her favourite flower inked on your body.
amazing couple tattoos

32. You can also have birth dates of your significant other inked on your body. Don’t go for plain design and instead choose roman numerals.
lettering couple tattoos

33. After King and Queen, another popular title for couples are Mr. and Mrs. How about you ink this title on your body?
meaningful couple tattoos

34. One most popular quote among couples is ‘You Complete Me’. How about a symbolic tattoo that makes the quote way more realistic and meaningful?
matching couple tattoos

35.Another cool tattoo idea for couple would be to ink their favourite TV or movie couples on their body. I would go for Beauty and beast.
disney couple tattoos

36. If you want a subtle and smart tattoo design then pick up a cool tattoo as shown below for a hidden body part like foot or thighs.
joker and harley quinn couple tattoos

37. I would not recommend you to get a quote tattoo on your wrist but if it is really worth it (like below) then go for it.
couple names tattoos

38. This interesting matching tattoo design has one flaw and that is, the size of the tattoo. If you look closer you will see that the moon on the girl finger is bit smaller than the moon on boy finger.
sun and moon couple tattoos

39. Most people fall in love because they share similar interest. If you and your partner love a hobby or art passionately then the most ideal tattoo for you would be related to that hobby.
couple matching tattoos ideas

40. People around the world often want to visit a dream country or city or holiday destination. If you and your partner have a dream vacation stop then you can ink ideal sceneries from that spot on your body.
couple foot tattoos

Couple Tattoos Designs

41. Heart and Lock key are also popular among couples and here is much modified and advance version of lock and key tattoo.
lock and key couple tattoos

42. This is the reason why I advise to not to choose wrist for quote tattoos. The quote will be too hard to read for you and for the world.
couple tattoos quotes

43. You can ink the date of your anniversary on your body so that you never forget that.
couple date tattoos

44. Skull tattoo are not as much popular among serious lovers as heart tattoos. But if it is a teenage love then you might get impressed with this tattoo design.
skull couple tattoos

45. King and Queen Tattoos do not need extra efforts to look majestic. Even a small and tiny king and queen tattoo like this would win everyone’s heart.
couple tattoos small

46. This matching couple tattoo design is chosen by this couple because spider-man is their favourite superhero.
popular couple tattoos

47. The exact meaning of this unique couple tattoo design is beyond my understanding. I liked it and that is why I included it here. Feel free to tell us about the meaning of this couple tattoo in comments.
unique couple tattoos

48. Here is another take on the amazing skull tattoo designs for couples.
sugar skull couple tattoos

49. This tiny matching tattoo for couple on the wrist is good for couples who are looking for temporary tattoo design.
simple couple tattoos

50. You can modify this speedometer tattoo design with the mileage of your relationship and speed extent of your love.
couple tattoos ideas

Cool Couple Tattoos

51. If you want nerdy couple tattoos then pick up any of your favorite Hollywood couple and get it tattooed on your body.
nerdy couple tattoos

52. Watercolor Couple tattoos will fade away quickly so i will advise against it.
watercolor couple tattoos

53. You can try wing couple tattoos where each half of the wing is inked on the couple.
wings couple tattoos

amazing Couple Tattoos

awesome Couple Tattoos

badass Couple Tattoos

best Couple Tattoos

christian Couple Tattoos

cool Couple Tattoos

country Couple Tattoos

Couple bird Tattoos

Couple crown Tattoos

Couple finger Tattoos

Couple heart Tattoos

Couple matching Tattoos ideas

Couple matching Tattoos

Couple names Tattoos

Couple symbol Tattoos

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Couple Tattoos ideas

Couple Tattoos king and queen

Couple Tattoos lock and key

Couple Tattoos on hand

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Couple wrist Tattoos

creative Couple Tattoos

cute Couple matching Tattoos

cute Couple Tattoos

cute small Couple Tattoos

deer Couple Tattoos

disney Couple Tattoos

good Couple Tattoos

king and queen Couple Tattoos

little Couple Tattoos

lock and key Couple Tattoos

married Couple Tattoos

matching Couple love Tattoos

matching Couple Tattoos small

matching Couple Tattoos

penguin Couple Tattoos

roman numeral Couple Tattoos

simple Couple Tattoos

skull Couple Tattoos

small Couple Tattoos

small matching Couple Tattoos

star wars Couple Tattoos

tiny Couple Tattoos

unique Couple Tattoos ideas

unique Couple Tattoos

watercolor Couple Tattoos

wolf Couple Tattoos

So which couple tattoos design you liked the most and why?

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